Who are we

Leesa Formula Sdn Bhd Leesa Formula Sdn Bhd was incorporated in March 2003 to develop, distribute and market all-natural health care and beauty products using indigenous herbal extracts, natural minerals and allopathic formulations and processed food items targeted primarily in Malaysia and South East Asia region. Its aim is to focus on breakthrough products, which are completely safe, have no side effects and affordable to all levels of consumers and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Leesa Formula Sdn Bhd also owned Serenity Spa, the most successful Malay Spa chain operators in Malaysia with 7 outlets. The group is 100% owned and controlled by its two Bumiputera directors, Zulkefli Bin Muhamad Ali and Che Muna Binti Din.

Our Mission

All Leesa Formula Sdn Bhd’s products are distributed through its network of exclusive independent saloons and herba outlets which currently stand at more than 1000 (and still counting) all over Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Product ranges cover slimming and weight management products, skincare, confinement period’s products, breast care and female hormone products, sinus-related products, hair care, skin supplements, bone and joint supplements, men’s and women’s vitality and stamina products. Along with deep and extensive market research done with its Good Manufacturing Practice’s certified partners conducted prior to its inception to ascertain the viability and potential of the future of the company and its products, Leesa Formula Sdn Bhd within 4 years has positioned themselves as one of the leading brands, especially in the Malay market and being recognized as one of the most successful bumiputera company in Malaysia.